Happy Father's Day

I’ve always been impressed with these drawings done by my father when he was in dental school at UNC (go Heels!)

He was a Prosthodontist and absolutely loved his job and his patients. He never pressured me to go in any specific direction for my career but he always said I needed to find something I truly loved. He really believed that if you loved what you do it never feels like work.

I used to love going into his office with him as a little girl and watching him create dentures with such thought and intensity. He took such care for each and every stroke of the dental instruments used to shape the teeth. He used to beam with pride when he spoke about certain patients with beautiful teeth he had created. It seems odd to compare something like dentistry to an art form but it was his art. Although I know nothing about dentistry I believe he was a great artist. I like to think I got some of my propensity to create from him.

Father’s Day is a tough day for me as I know it is for so many others. Today I am going to lean into the honor that is grief. It’s an honor to love someone so much that their departure near breaks you…not everyone has that.

Happy Father’s Day.

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