Inspiration Behind The Greatest Scapes Collection

Perhaps it’s the tease of warm days giving me Spring fever but as of late I have had the urge to travel, explore, and experience something new. Last year felt so difficult and long, and at times down right depressing and dark. For me 2021 started out the way 2020 ended, without much hope but in time things are getting better. My spirit is lighter and my soul calm.

I am now fully vaccinated and like a lot of my peers am feeling a sense of relief and hope. Covid bought hardships for many people but it also helped shine a light on some good things too. I think it taught us to slow down a little and to enjoy the small things. For many, Covid has given us the greatest gift of all: time. Time to be at home with family and time to be present in the moment and see it for what it is, instead of worrying about the next thing or running to the next appointment.

I have been saying for years that we are all too busy, we glorify the hustle far too much. I hope that we don’t forget this valuable lesson as our country starts to open back up and we return to “normal.” So many of my friends have told me how thankful they are to be able to spend more time at home with their babies. It is sad that it takes a global pandemic for mothers and fathers to be able to spend more time with their newborn children.

To travel is to bond; to explore is to embrace change. Ironically, we know that we are most disconnected from civilization when we are trapped in the lightening pace of our lives. Today’s culture encourages constant action as the primary metric of success. The busier we are, the more successful we feel. However, I believe that taking a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate how far you’ve come will go a long way to creating space in your life for happiness to grow. This collection is about exploration and discovery even if it’s only in our own back yards. I took photos of landscapes near and far and really stopped to look at them- each unique shape and color and form. Every landmark, every tree, every leaf is a shape made by God. They are all beautiful; we just need eyes to see them. Whether you’re dreaming and planning on making memories by traveling to new places or viewing the same horizon line you see out your front door everyday in a different light, this collection is a celebration of that.

Here’s to managing time, riding ourselves of excessive busyness so that we can truly connect to our friends, family, and world around us. Here’s to living with more peach and joy in 2021.

Please check out the new collection at Pierce Paints next Wednesday April 28th at 10am.

All my Love,

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