What Would Love Do?

"At every moment and in every situation, with every thought and action, ask yourself two questions: Is this the greatest version of the grandest vision I have ever had of myself? What would love do?"  David Cameron Gikandi



We finally made it through 2020 and 2021 is already presenting its own set of challenges but I am determined to be optimistic. I was so excited about my first collection of 2021. It was to be framed, painted collages of celebrities. I'm talking all the icons: folks like Dolly Parton, loads of 90's rappers, and all the queens: Gaga, Beyonce, RBG and more. I was looking forward to this because it was so fun and unique for me. However, sometimes life throws a wrench in even your best laid plans. My mother passed away on January 14th and I could not bring myself to finish that fun, carefree collection. I just didn't have it in me. 

I turned to the art therapy that I know and started a new collection of abstract hearts. This collection is all about love but not necessarily romantic love. I want to highlight the importance of ordinary, everyday love.

I am so lucky to have the support of a community that is bombarding me with love right now. In difficult times everyone wants to know what they can do. It is such a helpless feeling when there isn't much that can be said or done. Loving and supporting someone isn't about some grandiose gesture; Love really is in the details.

These hearts will all be named after little acts of love like opening the door, picking up coffee, or smiling at a stranger. They don't seem like much but the little bits add up. They set into motion a dramatic shift in a positive direction that can profoundly change lives. 

I would love to share a quick story of a small act of love that has affected my life in a profound way. About 6 years ago my father became ill and was in the ICU for about a week. Our family was devastated but prayed and prayed he would get better and we would receive a miracle. One say I just knew. I knew he wasn't going to get better and that was it. I was broken. I had to get out of the hospital for a while so I drove around and stopped at a boutique. I walked around sort of aimlessly inside and then left. As I was leaving the store, the clerk said in a casual manner, "God bless you." I am sure she says it to everyone as they leave the store but for me, in that moment, those words, from a complete stranger, saved me. I could actually feel God's presence wrapped around me telling me everything was going to me ok. 

I think back on that woman often and six years later I still remember her kindness. Words and small gestures really do matter. They get you through the difficult times and in the good times help inspire you to help someone else. Even in the darkest spots it doesn't take much effort to look to my right or my left and find someone who has it a whole lot worse than me. 

You can never really know how deep of an impact you've made on someone... what you consider a little bit of kindness may just turn a person's life around and give them hope for the future. In a world where we are so busy and concerned with our own problems we need more than ever to make a small effort to love one another.

I can't think of a better collection to honor my sweet mother. She LOVED making the world a more beautiful place with her decorating skills, gardening and most importantly her kind smile that lit up every room.

Thank you to everyone for loving me and my small business by following along.

I love you all.


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